Fast Cars, Fast Woman and Hot Wings

Three things to get any southern guys heart racing; Fast Cars, Fast Woman and Chicken Wings. What more could any well rounded red neck require in a single week.  Over the last week a few things have left me speechless and for those of you who know me that’s certainly a task worthy of a story or a photo. The First:

Fast Cars (Well not really)

Fast Cars

I pulled a U Turn in 4 Lanes of traffic to swing back by this one. The caption is yours and yours alone to add. Speechless as I am, I’ve certainly added a few cliche’s to this photos of the last few days. I was told this is actually a cab so I will make it my mission to ride in this before years end. I’m thinking a cruise to Walmart would be apropos. I will tell you that a 60+ year old Hispanic male exited from the vehicle as I pulled up with camera phone pointed in his directions.

The Second thing that left me speechless:

Fast Woman (Well not Really Either; but Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful )

This week was our annual Gala or Auction extraordinaire. All Profits raised go to help a great school our children are lucky to attend.

A small team was assembled of Crack Shots Marines To Crack Shot Attny’s from Mail Men to Architects to the House Wives of Carter County.

Rather than risk one in the group having to represent another one after a night of having a few of these: (My Favorite Single Malt)

 Or Pink Drinks as a certain few ladies called them. For the second year in a row our friend (The responsible one) who looks out for our safety, rented a limo. Thank You kind sir in more than one way.

Hundreds of people dressed in 3 Piece Suites, Skin Tight Dresses, from Elegant gowns to sweats and hoodies (Yep I saw it). And eclectic crew made for an electric night. The auctions ranged from BBQ Grills to Shetland Ponies. From Trips to Italy, to AR-10 Rifles, from Doe Hunts to Paintball Wars with a Team of real Marines, Home Made Cakes and Classic Art, to Vasectomies ( I would like to thank the group of ladies for the embarrassing moment who cheered and applauded louder to my wife’s winning bid of the aforementioned then to the band who played all night, this left me speechless, as well as a little red )  The Open Bar helped those who bid open their wallets just a little wider to help support the cause.

The last item I would like to add is once again my darling wife proves to be the most beautiful woman I know. Thanks for a great date night.

Hot Wings

One of my more popular cooks for entertaining my family as well as my neighbors and friends has got to be Chicken Wings. This delectable dish is as easy as a mixture flour Corn Starch and of…… OOOPs  Secret Ingredients. To being as simple as getting the grease to 350 and frying for 13 Mins a batch. A few Small Trade secrets to a crispy wing is to not sauce until ready to enjoy.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Saturday Sounds

Some of you have undoubtedly heard of Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers. Or Tim Bluhm of The Mothers Hips. How they have taken the their collaborations to new heights by the traveling Jams known as the Van sessions, I believe there’s roughly 20 classics remastered while driving down the highway. Should you have not heard of them I suggest you take 15 mins and peruse the selections and depth of some of their writings, sounds and history.

Funkadelic – Can You Get To That – Cover by Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers

Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go For That – Cover by Nicki Bluhm and The Gra

For those who’ve followed them for a while there great new 3 video series on our Our Vinyl

Our Vinyl Nicki Blum and The Gramblers


Southern Culture on The Fly Winter 2013 Issue Live

One of number of online fly mags that I peer over relentlessly at night or on days when I cant aren’t fishing.


Southern Culture on The Fly Winter 2013 Issue Live

Moving Pictures; Getting Out. Proving that it does get cold down south with the ice shown in the eyelets, just not cold enough to deter fishing.

The adventures of Swamp Boy

Better Marriage through the Bahamas,l with a couple of great realizations about traveling to go fishing in the Bahamas with you significant other.

Artist Profile Brad McMinn who does some kick but artwork.

And Coal Creek Crazies, a Story about the TVA  as it relates to fly fishing.

Decadent Stuffed Burgers

Big Green Egg Stuffed Burgers

Sometimes life is a challenge. Big Challenge, Small Challenge, Unknown Challenge. The Big Green Egg once again rose to the occasion, and proved itself on the a worthy adversary. The challenge this time wasn’t against nature, time or foe; the challenge was just to be able to take a bite and to eat the burger.

We started out with a simple 75-25 Mixture making 1/4 to half pound patties. We then take the backside of a tablespoon and press down creating a  indent or bowl. Laying a slice of cheese in the indention. The next step you can really make up on your own, we took sauteed onions and mushrooms. Layering them inside the indention we then add another slice of cheese. We then put the next patty on top and tried to seal the edges using a pie crust type pinch.

Big Green Egg Burger

As you can see we were all up to the challenge that evening. Every time I make these I attempt to make a thinner patty and compensate for the natural reaction most burgers take when on the grill. Most of the time we end up taking off the bun and using a fork and knife if truth be told.

Saturday Night Slabs

Having cooked on a big green egg for many years I’ve been accustom to many treats and feasts. I’ve grown accustom to producing a certain level of food. A rainy dreary Saturday needs to be dressed up, and what better way if not fishing than by cooking.

Big Green Egg lovers are the apostles of the ceramic cooking world. We are sometime called the fan boys of ceramics. We certainly are some of the most opinionated and largest in numbers of our sect in the BBQ world. We are also the most organized on the internet having 2 very large internet forums for people to ask share and tell their experiences with the product. (Primo folks dont take offense to this, my next unit will be a Primo XL Oval)  I believe most of that is due to the sheer number of us green eggers out here. Most folks dont know there are actually a half dozen different brands. In saying that I would not stray from Big Green Egg or Primo, just my humble opinion.

Anyhow back to the cook to brighten up a dreary cold windy Saturday since fishing was not a option I thought we would do ribs.

Ribs Big Green Egg

3 Slabs of Ribs

Loaded and lit the egg and brought to a stable 250 Dome Temp, Using my plate setter legs up.

Big Green Egg Loaded with Ribs

Big Green Egg Loaded with Ribs

Cooking Ribs over the years I’ve come accustom to doing them a certain way. I use the 1-1-1 for loin back ribs (Not Spares) . 1 Hour Un-Foiled on the Egg, Foil and cook another Hour, and then un-foil and cook 30 mins to an hours. I don’t apply any sauce to the ribs until the last 15 minutes.

The Big Green Egg is one of the easiest pieces of equipment to cook on and is certainly the most forgiving. The thick clay walls hold in the moisture and the walls act as a giant convection oven. Radiating the heat from above as well as from below.

The Foiling acts as a braising technique and make them fall off the bone. The juice in the bottom is not from sauce its pure rib love. This will however not give you the bark, if your a bark lover foil is not your friend.

After they cook for an hour in the foil I bring them back out and put them back on for 30 mins to an hour to put some crunch back into to outside layer yielding a crisper type outside and a melt in your mouth inside.

Finished product with Blues Hog BBQ Sauce

Ill let the final picture speak for itself. I brought a rack to a co-worker tonight and in his words they were the most amazing hes ever had. The egg will spoil you and treat you well.

Saturday Sounds

Here is a nice little trio with a purpose. Get the day started with a cup of Joe on a lazy day before heading to the water. These 3 will accompany that task. The Deschutes River Conservancy’s at work with the Deschutes Brewery. All proceeds benefit the conservancy’s “Bravely Done” efforts, a public/private success model for clean water collaboration everywhere.

Deschutes River Recordings

Eric Earley of Blitzen Trapper

Up On Cripple Creek

Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats

Ballad of Easy Rider

 Laura Gibson

 Down by The Riverside

Southern Oklahoma Mud Hole

Southern Oklahoma Fly Fishing Mud Hole

Southern Oklahoma Mud Hole

Some of the best fishing in my opinion comes from some of the most unlikely of places.Here in Southern Oklahoma (A suburb of North Dallas) we are graced and blessed with some great fishing opportunities. There is the obvious; The Blue River,  Lake Texoma, Lake Murray, Arbuckle Lake, Mountain Lake just to name a few. Along with that we are endowed with certain unalienable Mud Pits and or affectionately know as Honey Holes. The whereabouts of these bastions of beauty are closely guarded secrets for those in the know and elusive for those always wanting in the know.

As a Side Note:  if you know of others in the Southern Oklahoma area and are willing to share Id be grateful. I practice catch and release, and attempt to leave no footprint. So please contact me.

One of these such smaller mud holes was luckily enough to be in my backyard at a house we were renting for a few months, while our current home was being built. Although Not looking like much this little mud puddle provided an hour of fun and solace on any given day, and helped wisk away any seeming burden life had to share. You could catch the dozen to 2 dozen fish almost daily at whim.

With Just the simplest of gear and a 400 yd walk one could transcend themselves into one of life’s simplest of pleasures.

While not yielding the largest of of trophy’s or the yielding the grandest in numbers, this little pond would get you what you need; A minute to step away from life. Fishing as you will see for me and for many others isnt just the act of placing fin on line but to secede for just a short while.

To Secede for just a little while is all we need some times, not to run away from life and whats important. But to relax and refocus to run at life and find whats important.

Choc Beer Fly Fishing

Southern Oklahoma Fly Fishing

Geofish Amazing Fly Fishing Journey in a Vegetable Oil Converted F150

GeoFish Vol 1

This is one of the cooler movies I got last year. I even bought an extra to give to a friend. A group of long time friends retrofit a F150 to burn Vegetable Oil to make a trip to the tip of South America and Fly fish the their way across the Continent. This is Part one of a series and worthy of any fishermans library.

Please any rich friends want to subsidies this type trip lets go. This is something I can only imagine and for now will live vicariously through this group of guys. WOW

GEOFISH Trailer from MOTIV FISHING on Vimeo.

Part 2 Belize has not been released as of yet however looks to be an amazing continuation of the Journey.

“Geofish: A Mayan Prophecy” trailer – by MOTIV Fishing | Fly Fishing Movie from The Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo.

One of the Coolest Custom Fly Reels

DeadReelHere’s a great custom Abel reel made for the guys @ TCO. They are very good source for your online Fly Fishing needs. From Reels to Rods to Waders to Clothes. However Support your local vendors if you can but if you cant due to proximity like myself; Knowing where to source your gear from a reputable source is the next best thing!

TCO Fly Shop


Catch Magazine December 2012


Catch Magazine Online Fly Fishing Magazine

One of my most favorite online fly fishing magazines, Catch Magazine. The fishing and outdoor scenery photography in this magazine is second to none. Eye Popping clarity color and subject matter from fish to bugs, Todd Moen and Brian Okeefe are downright masters of cinematography.  They allow a free preview  however for any fisherman or fly fisherman this is well worth the $12 a year subscription rate.