Southern Oklahoma Mud Hole

Southern Oklahoma Fly Fishing Mud Hole

Southern Oklahoma Mud Hole

Some of the best fishing in my opinion comes from some of the most unlikely of places.Here in Southern Oklahoma (A suburb of North Dallas) we are graced and blessed with some great fishing opportunities. There is the obvious; The Blue River,  Lake Texoma, Lake Murray, Arbuckle Lake, Mountain Lake just to name a few. Along with that we are endowed with certain unalienable Mud Pits and or affectionately know as Honey Holes. The whereabouts of these bastions of beauty are closely guarded secrets for those in the know and elusive for those always wanting in the know.

As a Side Note:  if you know of others in the Southern Oklahoma area and are willing to share Id be grateful. I practice catch and release, and attempt to leave no footprint. So please contact me.

One of these such smaller mud holes was luckily enough to be in my backyard at a house we were renting for a few months, while our current home was being built. Although Not looking like much this little mud puddle provided an hour of fun and solace on any given day, and helped wisk away any seeming burden life had to share. You could catch the dozen to 2 dozen fish almost daily at whim.

With Just the simplest of gear and a 400 yd walk one could transcend themselves into one of life’s simplest of pleasures.

While not yielding the largest of of trophy’s or the yielding the grandest in numbers, this little pond would get you what you need; A minute to step away from life. Fishing as you will see for me and for many others isnt just the act of placing fin on line but to secede for just a short while.

To Secede for just a little while is all we need some times, not to run away from life and whats important. But to relax and refocus to run at life and find whats important.

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Southern Oklahoma Fly Fishing

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