Saturday Night Slabs

Having cooked on a big green egg for many years I’ve been accustom to many treats and feasts. I’ve grown accustom to producing a certain level of food. A rainy dreary Saturday needs to be dressed up, and what better way if not fishing than by cooking.

Big Green Egg lovers are the apostles of the ceramic cooking world. We are sometime called the fan boys of ceramics. We certainly are some of the most opinionated and largest in numbers of our sect in the BBQ world. We are also the most organized on the internet having 2 very large internet forums for people to ask share and tell their experiences with the product. (Primo folks dont take offense to this, my next unit will be a Primo XL Oval)  I believe most of that is due to the sheer number of us green eggers out here. Most folks dont know there are actually a half dozen different brands. In saying that I would not stray from Big Green Egg or Primo, just my humble opinion.

Anyhow back to the cook to brighten up a dreary cold windy Saturday since fishing was not a option I thought we would do ribs.

Ribs Big Green Egg

3 Slabs of Ribs

Loaded and lit the egg and brought to a stable 250 Dome Temp, Using my plate setter legs up.

Big Green Egg Loaded with Ribs

Big Green Egg Loaded with Ribs

Cooking Ribs over the years I’ve come accustom to doing them a certain way. I use the 1-1-1 for loin back ribs (Not Spares) . 1 Hour Un-Foiled on the Egg, Foil and cook another Hour, and then un-foil and cook 30 mins to an hours. I don’t apply any sauce to the ribs until the last 15 minutes.

The Big Green Egg is one of the easiest pieces of equipment to cook on and is certainly the most forgiving. The thick clay walls hold in the moisture and the walls act as a giant convection oven. Radiating the heat from above as well as from below.

The Foiling acts as a braising technique and make them fall off the bone. The juice in the bottom is not from sauce its pure rib love. This will however not give you the bark, if your a bark lover foil is not your friend.

After they cook for an hour in the foil I bring them back out and put them back on for 30 mins to an hour to put some crunch back into to outside layer yielding a crisper type outside and a melt in your mouth inside.

Finished product with Blues Hog BBQ Sauce

Ill let the final picture speak for itself. I brought a rack to a co-worker tonight and in his words they were the most amazing hes ever had. The egg will spoil you and treat you well.

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