Decadent Stuffed Burgers

Big Green Egg Stuffed Burgers

Sometimes life is a challenge. Big Challenge, Small Challenge, Unknown Challenge. The Big Green Egg once again rose to the occasion, and proved itself on the a worthy adversary. The challenge this time wasn’t against nature, time or foe; the challenge was just to be able to take a bite and to eat the burger.

We started out with a simple 75-25 Mixture making 1/4 to half pound patties. We then take the backside of a tablespoon and press down creating a  indent or bowl. Laying a slice of cheese in the indention. The next step you can really make up on your own, we took sauteed onions and mushrooms. Layering them inside the indention we then add another slice of cheese. We then put the next patty on top and tried to seal the edges using a pie crust type pinch.

Big Green Egg Burger

As you can see we were all up to the challenge that evening. Every time I make these I attempt to make a thinner patty and compensate for the natural reaction most burgers take when on the grill. Most of the time we end up taking off the bun and using a fork and knife if truth be told.

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