Fast Cars, Fast Woman and Hot Wings

Three things to get any southern guys heart racing; Fast Cars, Fast Woman and Chicken Wings. What more could any well rounded red neck require in a single week.  Over the last week a few things have left me speechless and for those of you who know me that’s certainly a task worthy of a story or a photo. The First:

Fast Cars (Well not really)

Fast Cars

I pulled a U Turn in 4 Lanes of traffic to swing back by this one. The caption is yours and yours alone to add. Speechless as I am, I’ve certainly added a few cliche’s to this photos of the last few days. I was told this is actually a cab so I will make it my mission to ride in this before years end. I’m thinking a cruise to Walmart would be apropos. I will tell you that a 60+ year old Hispanic male exited from the vehicle as I pulled up with camera phone pointed in his directions.

The Second thing that left me speechless:

Fast Woman (Well not Really Either; but Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful )

This week was our annual Gala or Auction extraordinaire. All Profits raised go to help a great school our children are lucky to attend.

A small team was assembled of Crack Shots Marines To Crack Shot Attny’s from Mail Men to Architects to the House Wives of Carter County.

Rather than risk one in the group having to represent another one after a night of having a few of these: (My Favorite Single Malt)

 Or Pink Drinks as a certain few ladies called them. For the second year in a row our friend (The responsible one) who looks out for our safety, rented a limo. Thank You kind sir in more than one way.

Hundreds of people dressed in 3 Piece Suites, Skin Tight Dresses, from Elegant gowns to sweats and hoodies (Yep I saw it). And eclectic crew made for an electric night. The auctions ranged from BBQ Grills to Shetland Ponies. From Trips to Italy, to AR-10 Rifles, from Doe Hunts to Paintball Wars with a Team of real Marines, Home Made Cakes and Classic Art, to Vasectomies ( I would like to thank the group of ladies for the embarrassing moment who cheered and applauded louder to my wife’s winning bid of the aforementioned then to the band who played all night, this left me speechless, as well as a little red )  The Open Bar helped those who bid open their wallets just a little wider to help support the cause.

The last item I would like to add is once again my darling wife proves to be the most beautiful woman I know. Thanks for a great date night.

Hot Wings

One of my more popular cooks for entertaining my family as well as my neighbors and friends has got to be Chicken Wings. This delectable dish is as easy as a mixture flour Corn Starch and of…… OOOPs  Secret Ingredients. To being as simple as getting the grease to 350 and frying for 13 Mins a batch. A few Small Trade secrets to a crispy wing is to not sauce until ready to enjoy.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

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