Creek Chub Baby Pikie Lure

The Creek Chub Baby Pikie Lure was first introduced to the fishing lure public in 1921. This lure a model 900 series was produced by the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett Indiana. This smaller version of the industry changing and dominating Pikie minnow was made of wood and measured 3 1/4″ in length and weighing 1/2oz. The Baby Pikie antique fishing lure would retain its wooden composition until 1963, there in it would be composed of plastic. The lure was primarily made with glass eyes but can be found in a no eyed version as well. The lure can be found with the Double Line Tie (Shown on the Rainbow Below) prior to the 1936 switch to the single line tie variation. The antique lure came standard with two treble hooks to secure the catch, the rear attached via screw eye and the center using a cup rig.

The Baby Pikie came standard in roughly 7 colors but can be found in dozens of special order or short run finishes.

00 – Pike Scale
01 – Perch Scale
02 – Red & White
03 – Silver Shiner
04 – Golden Shiner
08 – Rainbow (Silver Back Variation Shown Below)
18 – Silver Flash

The Baby Pikie is made exactly like the famous Pikie Minnow, except it is smaller in size, and is in answer to the demand for a smaller bait of this popular type lure, which has been making the record catches of gmae fish in every part of the country. It has a wicked wiggle and all the good qualities of the larger lure. A light, strong killer. Lenght of body 3 1/4inches. Weight 1/2 oz. Illustration is No. 904

Creek Chub Baby Pikie Lure Catalog Cut

Creek Chub Baby Pikie Lure Catalog Cut

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