Creek Chub Seven Thousand Lure

The Creek Chub Seven Thousand Lure is a unique lure even from its very name. This antique fishing lure was first introduced to the Creek Chub Bait Company line up in 1950. Creek Chub of Garrett Indiana, made the model number be this lures name. Although this Wooden Crawfish type lure is similar, the Seven Thousand Lure is distinctly different. The antique lure made of wood measures 2 3/4″ in length and weighs in at 3/4oz. The lure uses the same bead eyes and rubber legs that we have seen previously on the 300-400 series Crawdad. These little fellas are actually quite hard to find as Creek Chub only produced this lure for 4 years and was out of production by 1954. The lure features a larger diving lip to allow it to dive deeper that the traditional Crawdads.

The Seven Thousand Lure came standard in seven finishes.

00 – Pike Scale
01 – Perch Scale
02 – Red & White
13 – Solid Black
18 – Silver Flash (Shown Below)
31 – Rainbow Fire
32 – Fire Plug

Creek Chub Seven Thousand Lure Photo Gallery