Creek Chub Shur Strike Pike Lure

This version Creek Chub Shur Strike Pike Lure was first introduced around 1933 – 1936. This antique lure creation a extension of the Creek Chub Bait Company under the Shur Strike name. The Pike was essentially a similar design of the Creek Chub Pikie minnow that had gained worldwide popularity by this point. The lure was given the P designation for the model. The lure was made of wood and measures approximately 4 1/4″ and weighs in at 3/4 oz. The lure had 2 trebles the forward being held in with cup rig and the rear a screw eye hanger. The lures diving lip was inserted into the lure that held the lures single line tie, just forward of the lures glass eyes.

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Creek Chub Shur Strike Pike Lure
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The Lure is in of my favorite Shur Strike colors, color code 10, Green Gar. The example in the gallery below shows just how pretty this lure color can be.

The lure comes housed in its equally hard to find early Green,Yellow and Black Box. The Box besides being stamped correctly on the end bears the NRA stamp. For those unfamiliar, the National Industrial Recovery Act (NRA) was a law passed by the United States Congress in 1933 to authorize the President to regulate industry in an attempt to raise prices after severe deflation and stimulate economic recovery.A great a neat addition to this combo.

Creek Chub Shur Strike Pike Lure Photo Gallery