While One Could Spend Countless Hours Searching, Surfing, and Digging through Countless Websites below is a short list of some of my favorite Fly Fishing,Cooking and Outdoor Lifestyle Resources.

Fin Links

Online Fly Fishing Magazines E Magazines 

Catch Magazine

This Is Fly

Southern Culture on The Fly

Fly Mage

Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

Fly Fishing Magazines Print

The Drake


American Angler

Fly Fishing Blogs

Moldy Chum

The MidCurrent

Trout Underground


Fly Tying Forum

Clubs, Conservancy and Educational

Federation of Fly Fishers

Trout Unlimited

When it Comes to grilling People are as opinionated about their style of Cookers, Cooking, Spices, Rubs, Dubs, Mops and Sops as they are their Religion.

I could go on for Days with links and BBQ and Cooking Resources, however here is a short list of some of my favorites.  The list will continue to grow so check back often.

Fire Links 


Big Green Egg

Primo Grill

Blogs / Reference 

The Naked Whiz

Big Ts

Playing with Smoke and Fire


The Original Big Green Egg Forum

BBQ Brethren

Weber Forum

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