Geofish Amazing Fly Fishing Journey in a Vegetable Oil Converted F150

GeoFish Vol 1

This is one of the cooler movies I got last year. I even bought an extra to give to a friend. A group of long time friends retrofit a F150 to burn Vegetable Oil to make a trip to the tip of South America and Fly fish the their way across the Continent. This is Part one of a series and worthy of any fishermans library.

Please any rich friends want to subsidies this type trip lets go. This is something I can only imagine and for now will live vicariously through this group of guys. WOW

GEOFISH Trailer from MOTIV FISHING on Vimeo.

Part 2 Belize has not been released as of yet however looks to be an amazing continuation of the Journey.

“Geofish: A Mayan Prophecy” trailer – by MOTIV Fishing | Fly Fishing Movie from The Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo.

One of the Coolest Custom Fly Reels

DeadReelHere’s a great custom Abel reel made for the guys @ TCO. They are very good source for your online Fly Fishing needs. From Reels to Rods to Waders to Clothes. However Support your local vendors if you can but if you cant due to proximity like myself; Knowing where to source your gear from a reputable source is the next best thing!

TCO Fly Shop


Catch Magazine December 2012


Catch Magazine Online Fly Fishing Magazine

One of my most favorite online fly fishing magazines, Catch Magazine. The fishing and outdoor scenery photography in this magazine is second to none. Eye Popping clarity color and subject matter from fish to bugs, Todd Moen and Brian Okeefe are downright masters of cinematography.  They allow a free preview  however for any fisherman or fly fisherman this is well worth the $12 a year subscription rate.

Here is a small bit I wrote 3 Years ago about Samuel

Here is a small bit I wrote 3 Years ago about Samuel. So much has happened and yet we are no closer to finding the silver bullet.


Last month our son Samuel was diagnosed with this Blood Platelet Disorder. As parents, our duty in life is that to watch over, protect and nurture our children. As our journey began some time back we, like many other parents noticed some things that just weren’t right about our child. Looking back with what we know now it was an obvious medical diagnosis. However piecing things together until this unknown and unnamed culprit was identified proved not to be so easy.

Sam is just over 3 years old, a seemingly healthy, strong and playful boy with precious curls and smile that will melt your heart.

Sam was a preemie 32 weeks who spent time on the vent (not much), incurred and faced things such as Reflux, Brady’s, jaundice, Blood Transfusions (Inter Family) and other preemie related hurdles. We lived in a Ronald McDonald House for approximately 4 weeks during this time while Samuel conquered all barriers presented to him.

6 months into ITP I have come to realize that there is no hard fast answer to any of this. We can only hope to glean a certain amount of assurance or peace as a parent by taking what we have today in front of us by taking what we have and making the best of it.

How did we find out about Sam’s ITP; This year in Oklahoma we were blessed with a true winter, I say blessed being a Yankee and my longing for snow.

We had an Ice/Snow storm, Sam already had signs of bruising. However the bruising wasn’t overtly obvious, or malicious in any way. Especially for a rough and tumble boy who loves to play and give 100 percent to any activity. The boys were out playing some days before sliding on the ice on the road and grass. Sam of course knowing no boundaries, was taking his new-found curiosity and joy of sliding on black top one step further falling and bumping his way around the neighborhood.

It was only a few days after this that bruising became evident. At first remiss of any danger we scoffed or shunned any bruising as they popped up as just Sam being himself. Still not paying very much attention the bruising began to grow in sizes, density and deep color hues. As a parent of a rough and tumble kid you expect some bruising, even quite frequent bruising at times.

Samuels Humble Beginnings…

Samuels Beginning

Now when we speak of bruising we are no just talking about a causal spot. The kind of bruising before we knew what had be felled our family is the kind that actually grow and look like it could grow legs and walk away. The bruising was apparent up and down his spinal column, all over his legs, arms and further.

These bruises concerned us not only for the obvious. But for the inherent connotations that go along with bruising on a child, Yes, abuse. The bruising had gotten to the point where we were grasping at ideas, thoughts, scenario us as to when and how these all occurred.

I’m embarrassed to say we even questioned each other, and our other son. Not in a confrontational kind of way but more of an inquisitive empathetic way. The aforementioned statement alone makes me sick to my stomach and almost tears to my eyes. This was the beginnings of this disease and its grasp on our family.

We actually were concerned about bringing him in to a Dr. to ask, being afraid of what might be implied by this bruising in public. Again this angers and saddens me to no end, that out society has come to this; that a parent would even for one brief minute or moment in time question weather or not to seek help or answers from a Dr. for fear or reprisal of the knee jerk reaction our society places on seeing bruising on a child. While actually founded with a semblance of reality of what our society has become and some of the sickos that inhabit this planet along with the rest of us, there does need to be more attention brought to protecting our babies.


Within days of these grotesque bruises setting up shop on our son the final straw for us: Samuel was pushing his car over by the window bent over and casually hit the corner of his eye. Barley hard enough to do anything except make a sound. It didn’t even command an ouch or a whimper from him. The next day not only was his right eye black and blue the left one was. If I hadn’t been sitting on the couch I wouldn’t have believed it.

Unknowingly we had made an appointment for the boys to follow-up with the primary care Dr for an illness (Virus) they had both had a week or so weeks Prior. This or that Virus may have been the trigger event. Ill add to that at a later point when I use some of my own hypothesis.


We make it for a Monday, on top of that I personally make an appointment next door with my dentist for a Root Canal. Figuring it was a Monday, can’t get much worse. I can meet my wife next door so we can go in together in case there should be any weirdness (Still scared to death about the bruising and the inferred implications). Upon entering the Dr’s. Child one checks out OK…Child 2 Checks out Ok. My wife speaks up after his throat is checked. We want you to check out some of the theses bruises on his back.


The anticipation for his reaction was almost too much to bear. Our Dr., a quiet, gentle and soft-spoken gentleman, pushes here, there, feels around, pushes again. Says go across the hall and have his blood work done and then we will talk. What is it we ask. He retort, lets just get the blood work done I have an idea but I want to make sure. Seething with anticipation, we go across the hall, wait in line for what feels like hours, although it was minutes. They draw Sams blood and ask us to return to the hall. Within 10 mins, a nurse pops her head out the door. Matthew, Julie the Dr would like to see you again. This was it, I thought, Iron deficiency, something vitamin related.


In a moment I will never forget as long as I live. This soft-spoken man looks at us and says Matthew, Julie, I need you to make a decision. You can go to OK City or you can go to Dallas but I need you to go to Children’s hospital (I’m thinking make an appointment in a week or so) tonight, right now and take this with you. He says there is no one here in town that can deal with this, your son is in Danger of a brain hemorrhage. This truly was about the farthest thing from what I thought he was going to say. Our stomachs sank, we looked at each other almost as if to acknowledge the other heard the same thing…….



Hands Down One of my Favorite and “go back to” Trailers in the Last Few Months. With Everything we have gone through in our personal lives the last few years its good to see something that grounds you back to center. As a Father, a Husband, a Fly Fisherman and Outdoorsman its hard not to appreciate the message the cinematography and the fishing.

A DELIBERATE LIFE….. FILM TRAILER from RockHouse Motion on Vimeo.

Tao And The Art of Backyard Living Part II


Tao And The Art of Backyard Living Part II

We packed up the cooler that night with our staples and vices. Ive always been fond of good beer as it is one of my enjoyments.


Chilled beer packed, we head out across the suburban sprawl of North Dallas, heading to the outskirts and fringe of the metropolitan area. My thoughts abound as to meeting someone amungst the millions that I already knew I would become friends with.

Our last turn invokes a smile as we head up our last street and make a right on Abbey Rd. For any Beetles fans out there…


As we near the home from 5 houses away I can smell the smoke. The smoke that through the years will make an egger salivate on spot, grow weak at the knees and lament if we dont get to smell it often enough in our daily lives.

We pull up in a small community of zero or small lot line homes. Tikki torches lit in a path up through the flower garder to the gate. Coming out through the side gate on this hot summers eve in North Texas I see a gentle pillow of smoke lightly floating out of the gate towards us. The allure of the smoke was not as appreciated as much it would be from that point forward.

Were greeted at the fence door as is we had been part of the family for years and years. My new friend, with a big smile and a cooler glass filled with wine in tow, HIs wife and a wonderful Pug dog assuming what I will from now on reffer to the “Position” and two children out playing on the swing which took up most of the backyard except for the 12 x 20 deck nestled between both houses.. The position I mentioned above is what I call a perfected art or poise of relaxation.

“The Position”


I Always reffered to this PIcture as “Whos Who”

Sounds of Music wafting through the air wrapping itself around the blanket of smoke I can now see a Big Green Egg. With its soft shape sitting flushwith the brick wall sitting atop a pillar of cinder blocks it throws a non imposing shadow as it billows smoke with such little effort. Wow that is something and I see why it gets it name. He doesnt say much just lets me take it in. Matt he says, this is the big green egg.

There it was an odd shape indeed. It subtle green hue, its unobtrusive shape, its flowing curves. She was beautiful.

As I gaze lightly around the yard I see other shapes, another with a subtle line of smoke ascending from its small and unobtrusive shape. I see that Tims chair is even with and sits against the same wall as the egg and is only an arms reach away both facing the portable TV which was always muted with a baseball or hockey game on it while the outdoor speakers filled the place with the sounds needed to fill the gaps in time.

How many do you have I asked? How many he say, well lets go on a tour…Weve got the big green egg here, and over here hidden by the coy fish pond and plants is Suzie (his bullet Somker) Over here by the gate you just came in at is the Giant Webber Kelltle, back over here is my sons small simpson hibacci, on the opposite side of the deck is the mini BGE, and over here is what started it is a Grill Dome I bought some 15 years ago at a yard sale. (mind you this is on a 12X20 deck) Wow…..Is that all I said in jest, well actually Tim thinks no, I forgot to show you Brutus and he leads me through the myriad of grills to the back fence door and opens it up and here sits his 500Lb Drum Smoker on wheels.

As we admire the line up and head back to where the she wolves have taken it upon themselves to get aquatinted as we set off on our tour accidentally forgetting to introduce them and start the conversation, typical men were told…

He begins what will be hours of conversation with something I will always remember. He hands me a chair, tells me to get another beer as he refills his faded red liter size cup. And says come sit lets enjoy there is no hurry.

I said well the grills are going do we need to do anything, no his retort, they will take care of themselves. Hey said to me Matt if your going to get an egg and learn to cook on it your going to have to learn one thing….He turns his gaze from the baseball game and looks at me and says…..Slow and Low my Brother, Slow and Low, cooking and Backyard living is about enjoyment.

I felt like grasshopper on Kung fu.


That night were were treated to a myriad of foods and flavors one of which is still our favorite. Very very Terriyaki made by Soy Vay. He did a pork loins, Chicken Thighs, Legs, Steak some sausages, and boudin and more. All of which was eaten at leasure with finger dipping bowls and dipping souces and spices. All was cut up on a large butcher block on the outdoor table and any and all we welcome to sample any and all.

As we sat and ate neighbors walking around and more of their friends started showing up. If you walked by and looked in you were always invited for a drink and a taste of good food, music, wine and most importantly, friends.

We had a wonderful night, and I could write more about it. As we left my wife turned to me and said when are we getting one of those with a smile. My fear of her being mad from the 400 I had spent the weekend prior was gone. She said a I dont care what you spend on that thing as long as you make it taste like what we just had. We were hooked, on it and the life…

We went out the next morning and bought our first Big Green Egg.

Thanks BGE, for being at the center many good times spent in mine and others back yards and the many others weve brought into the fold over the years.

Simplicity, relax, good friends, good drink, good music and assume the position, and most importantly

Slow and Low…….

God Bless All and have a safe and Happy Holiday

TAO and The Art of Backyard Living Part I

TAO and The Art of Backyard Living Part I

I was a young green horn selling and designing computer networks back in the hay day before the internet pop….Was sitting in my back office cube, lights dim (as I always undid one of the two bulbs), …1970s Sears radio with a loudness knob instead of volume, I had found in the warehouse playing a little John Coletrain, and Thelonious Monk around 7 am, getting my head straight and having a cup of coffee….

Had been married only 8 months, just bought a house, was still semi nieve although I had been through college and military. Thought I knew what was good in life and certianly thought I knew how what tasted good…

I heard the boss talking to someone and they walked up the hall towards my cube, and he brought a new sales guy in. Introduced me to him, and he showed him his new cube across from mine. After the boss departed to let him get set, he hollered across the cube man its pretty early for the monk,… but I like it…As he forgot about straightening his new desk up he grabbed his coffee and came over to the corner toating his coffee. Introdiced himself again, and looked around my office covered in Jerry Garcia Ties hanging off a sword fish I had found in the warehouse as well. He looked at me and said to me normally I wouldnt say this but I got a feeling you and I will become very good friends.

Within minutes our conversation moved across, music, family, towards the ineveitable….Food…He said do you like to cook out….I said sure I just in fact had bought a new gas grill this last weekend, and spent 8 hours putting it together….Took so long to put it together only has time to burn some hot dogs on it….

He looked at me with the compasion of a older brother and mentor and said: Again this is within 10 minutes of us meeting: He said Man, if there is one thing in life I could tell you and you would listen and trust me, even though we just met, have I got something for you. I know we just met and you dont know me from adam, but if you trust me Ill share with you one of the best things Ive learned in life… With dead certainty and seriousness he stated You need to go buy a Big Green Egg…….

WTH is an egg I said…Oh Oh Oh… he said with a french twist to it, and said it with a smile as true as a Childs at Christmas, and a gleem in his eye as if he was walking in the garden of Eden. He said: It was a ancient oriental form of cooking second to none, based on the simple principle of air flow in the bottom and air flow out the top creating radient heat on clay walls…

WOW, sounds simple and cool… The Tao of outdoor cooking ran through my head…As he continued to describe the history and the various makes through the years I was brought deeper into the fold. He said, have you ever had chicken pop in your mouth, nervously I said no….Have you ever had a steak that actually grew in size from the juices….No…But now I hooked and Im hungry…

We forgot about selling, and work, and continued to talk for hours, covering our pasts, pets, family, music, hockey, hobbies and more and more about this Big Green Egg till finally lunch came around…

I told him man I just bought a 400 grill last weekend…My wife would kill me if I bought something new. He said why dont you and your wife come over tonight, we will have a few beers on the deck listen to some tunes, let the she wolfs meet and get to know each other and I will show you the Big Green Egg…

Little did I know that day, I would made what was to be a life long best friend, and be told one of the most wonderful things about enjoying life, the Big Green Egg.

That day on our way home, as my wife and I worked together, I had told her of the new sales guy, or commonalities, his invitation and of course the big green egg and his statement of guarantee.