Paw Paw Flap Jack Lure

The Paw Paw Flap Jack Lure was introduced in the 1950’s, made by the Paw Paw Bait Company of Paw Paw Michigan. This version of the Paw paw Bait Company lure arsenal was given a model 3600. This plastic lure measures 3 1/2″ in length and weighs in at 3/4 oz. Most commonly mistaken for a Helin Flat Fish early version of this lure use a specific easily identifiable hardware. The early 1950s version has a hook hardware that uses a socket type enclosure, in a way like your arm socket. The hardware was also used on the collector favorite, Paw Paw Platypus. The Flap Jack for Paw Paw was the base lure or standard used in the creation of whopping 12 other lure models. The Paw Paw Flap Jack antique lure is a great one to collect, with all the different variations of the lure and the multitude of colors one is able to find it can keep you busy for a while, not to mention not break the bank along the way.

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Paw Paw Flap Jack Lure
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The Flap Jack Came Standard in 15 Different colors;
3604 – White, Red and Black Spots
3607 – Pike Scale
3608 – Natural Frog
3612 – Silver Flitters
3625 – Orange, Red and Black Spots
3629 – Black, Silver Flitters
3630 – Light Orange, Red Tip, Black Top with Spots
3631 – White, Red Tip, Black Top with Spots
3632 – Green Frog
3633 – Yellow, Red Tip, Black Top, Spots
3634 – Yellow Red & Black Spots
3635 – White, Red & Black Spots
3636 – Fluorescent Also Called Nite Glow
3658 – Aluminum
3692 – Coach Dog

Paw Paw Flap Jack Lure Photo Gallery