Paw Paw Hair Mouse Lure

The Paw Paw Hair Mouse lure is a great little critter type antique lure. Popular with Mice and general collectors alike, the lure is circa 1930’s. The lure is a series number 60 in the Paw Paw Bait Company lure line up. The lure is the smaller version of the 2 natural hair mice produced. The antique fishing lure used real dear hair, that is banded at the head and again 75 percent of the way down the body. The lure can be seen below having a front prop on some and not on others.  Regardless of the front hardware, all have a single trailing treble hook in the rear of the lure.

We have the Natural Hair Mouse in Box in on Consignment this week, please click below to visit.

Paw Paw Natural Hair Mouse

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Along with the body variations and prop vs non-prop the Paw Paw Mouse Lure can be found painted in a coouple  different colors, red or gray etc.

Paw Paw Natural Hair Mouse Lure Gallery